Dear Readers,


For many months, I have been saying to myself, ‘you really must get everything on the same site – blog, portfolio and projects, all of it.’ And I have nodded at myself promisingly and then tweaked the banner of this here blog, or added another little widget. Then changed the theme of my neglected portfolio and felt quite productive enough.


That all changed yesterday. In a burst of energy, I bought a brand new, shiny domain name, transferred this entire blog across to it, integrated my portfolio and drank an enormous amount of coffee while feeling enormously smug about my (extremely limited) skills.


So we are moving, all of us. Nothing has changed except for one little thing. The address. From now on, to read A Big Life, you need to go to (and follow!) I repeat, nothing has changed. You will pop across to and see the same banner – because the blog still has its birth-name – the same content and read the same words about the same stuff (I have recently really come around to the word ‘stuff’ after many years spent hating it. I love the way it feels to say.)


So join me over on the new site, where everything is housed under one roof and that roof has my name on it.

See you there.