As much as I am trying, really trying, not to get too far ahead of myself, not to let increments of time pass by unnoticed, unobserved, there is a countdown happening in my head. And on Google, because I have to ask it the same questions every few days; how many days until December 1st? 37, as of today. In case you were wondering. It used to be 127. The 90 that have passed thus far have been full and difficult and proven (as if it needed to be) long distance relationships are fairly shit but have achieved what they needed to – replenishment, reconnection.


So 37 to go. 37 days before a plane touches down bearing an excited German with a suitcase full of (if my instructions are followed) chocolate and Nivea cream. 37 days until all of this happens. (I may or may not have selected some key tourism photos simply because for so many of these places, I have no photos, because I have never been! I’ve lived in Europe, but I have never seen the Great Barrier Reef. Not good.)

The Great Barrier Reef

Daintree Forest and Cape Tribulation

The Hunter Valley


The Central Coast

Sydney Harbour on NYE

So, who’s coming with us?



Image credits: Reef, Cape, Hunter