Time keeps moving in increments, Spring keeps blooming and Summer keeps nipping at its heels like an impatient puppy. I had forgotten how Spring here arrives in a rush, like a single exhalation of warm air that takes care of all the blossoms, chases away the Winter chill in a matter of weeks. Nothing like the long, drawn out Springs in Germany, compensation for the longer, even more drawn out Winters. Over there, they get the full whack, the whole three months of the season and the weather doesn’t let you take off your jacket until early June. I don’t mind a speedier Spring if it delivers us to Summer that little bit more quickly. Just like I don’t mind a long, drawn out Spring over there if it ferries us further from Winter with every passing day.

It’s October already and I’m not sure how that happened, although the time since leaving Weiden has been crammed full of seeing friends, family 60ths and 21sts, weddings and meeting new babies, high school reunions, intensive courses and new jobs. So, in a way, I am sort of sure how that happened. It just did. As it does. And here we are, October 5th and 30 degrees with the blossoms all but bloomed and the country poised for the beach and barbecues.

Have a good weekend.