It’s going to be a long, hot summer here. Yesterday was 32 degrees and it’s only September. Warnings have already started about bushfire season with conditions the worst they have been for thirty years. For as long as I can remember, bushfires have been a part of summer, if not every year, then every few. Like bindis, snakes and spiders, bushfires and their relentless havoc are a part of our long, hazy summers and just like we learn to swim from day dot, we learn to watch the fire station’s bushfire warning signs, we learn what to do if a fire gets too close to your home. We learn to have bushfire plans so we can get out early, with all the valuables we can carry.  The season starts on Monday and the country will go into overdrive to make sure we don’t lose more than we have to, like we have so many times before. Sitting on the couch last night with Nana, having a cup of tea and listening to the storm outside, she said ‘it will be a hot summer. Tell SG to bring his little shorts.


Thank you all for your suggestions on what you think we should do and see during SG’s inaugural trip to Australia. Looks like we will be heading to Cairns to see the reef and the crocodiles that the Germans so easily equate with Australia. I once had a very animated conversation with SG’s Dad who as adamant one could encounter a crocodile and shark, simultaneously, in the ocean. I assured him it was highly statistically unlikely and you would have to be the unluckiest person in the world but it made no difference. Subsequent Googling led to terrifying simulations of ‘what would happen if a shark met a crocodile in the ocean’. Apparently the shark would win. Who knew. Watch it if you never want to set foot in Australian waters again. I have a feeling SG will be dipping toes, on the strict instruction of his mother. She obviously doesn’t know about drop bears and funnel web spiders.


Somewhere I will take SG is Manly for the beach and for the German bakery, BrezelBar I discovered yesterday. I poked my head in to have a chat with the owner, a delightful man from Baden Württemberg, who gifted me a delicious pretzel and pulled the average German face in response to ‘I have just come back from living in Bavaria.’ Oh Germans and Bavarians, will they ever see eye to eye? If you are in Manly, find these guys. No one does a bakery like the Germans and no one does a beach like the Aussies. It’s a delightful little combination.

And finally, thank you so much to This is Lemonade, for this.

Thank me for writing? Thank you, all, for reading.