I am doing a teaching course at the moment that is both incredibly intense and based right in Sydney’s CBD. The former means I have had little time to do much else this past week, except for avail myself of a particular barista’s skills on Clarence St at 10.45 every morning and eat an inordinate amount of muesli bars. The latter means I have been that person who wanders around with their iPhone aimed at everything, taking mediocre pictures and distracting people from the photos’ inherent mediocrity by applying a filter, an art we’re all familiar with and otherwise known as, of course, Instagramming.


Apropos to all of this, Sydney has been having seriously glorious weather these past few days. Hell, the sun has shone every day but two since I got back and coming from a land where the sun shines about as often as the mercury exceeds 35 (so, like, twice a year) that has been an enormous point of joy.


The city, the weather and the iPhone all combined this morning in one spring-in-the-step stretch of time, during which I smiled moonily at all and sundry and photographed every five metres of my walk to school, subsequently – and probably irritatingly – sending each snap to my Twitter account and to SG, who was supportive of each filtered picture. He has to be. He’s coming out here soon and this is my home town. Then I thought, what about all those unlucky souls who don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram? Wouldn’t they want to see my walk to school this morning?




So here it is.





Isn’t she lovely?