One of the best things about this blog (or the best?) is its readership. The comments I get are not only extraordinarily flattering (something I respond almost too well to) but always helpful. Every single one of you who takes two minutes out of your day to put something beneath the posts borne of uncertainty or fear or discomfort, have something helpful to say. Something soothing, something insightful.


The other day I wrote about ‘settling in’. About how I don’t feel like I will be settled anywhere for quite some time. About how it is one of the most oft-asked of me questions and I have no answer for it because I have chosen to be in a situation that somewhat forbids settling down – at least for now. Perhaps forever. Who knows. In response to this, several readers gave me this advice; stop looking forward, stop looking back. Just look around.


What a bloody brilliant idea.


It’s something I need to be better at doing, or remembering to do. God knows it’s a far more beneficial thing to do than keep thinking ‘what if’ and ‘what happens when’. So I have decided, to get better at doing it, I will instigate a weekly post that looks at and celebrates simply what is around. It won’t necessarily be out of the ordinary, although if it is, hurrah! But it will focus on what is around me, not in front of or behind. Just around.


So …

Enjoy your weekends.