Time for a little more blog loving today, courtesy of a couple of very kind acknowledgements recently from Amanda Roeder over at Creative Exfoliation and From Russia with Love. Thank you. I’m going to skip the rules of sharing seven things about myself because a) you all read this blog and b) I did it last time and frankly don’t think I can rustle up another seven interesting facts about myself that extend past ‘I like cheese.’


But I do love the idea of sharing words so what I will do is show you a couple more blogs I have been reading recently and in two cases, working with, so we can keep the blog ball rolling and always have something good tucked up our sleeves to read.



She’s a big deal on the Australian blogging scene and I came late to the party with this one. In fact, all you Australian readers will likely be shaking your heads because you know who I am talking about, so Europe, this is for you. In all honesty, I didn’t used to read many (any) blogs, but over the past six months or so, encouraged by voracious blog reader Silke, I started tuning into a few consistently. At the time, a posse of women were making waves in Australia, shunning the ‘mummy blogger’ tag, biting the media hands that saw themselves as feeding but weren’t necessarily doing so and basically challenging the Australian media landscape to take blogging a little more seriously – like the Americans had been doing for years. Eden Riley, who lives about 40 minutes away from where I do, in a beautiful area of NSW, was at the forefront of this posse by simply doing what she did best: being her. And writing about it, no holds barred. She is sad at the moment, Eden, and you will be too, because Eden is a talented writer and that’s what talented writers do – make you feel things.  But she’ll also make you feel strong and rebellious and confused and thrilled and energetic and dispassionate. She’ll just make you feel.



Now the Europeans can shake their heads and the Australians can listen up. If you want to tap into one of the world’s coolest cities, you have to read Überlin, a site run by two creative British souls who moved their lives to Berlin in search of a lifestyle the UK just wasn’t offering. I came across these guys a couple of months ago and the content we teamed up on ended up going crazily viral, something we didn’t expect and something that has given way to a project we’re currently working on. So I’m biased, yes. But that aside, this blog is photography and music and art and food and an insanely cute puppy called Olive and it is Berlin through a lens you need to be privy to. It is, in its essence, a love letter to a city.


O&S Publishing

Working on the e-book Sincere Forms of Flattery has been an enormous learning curve. We have pushed back countless deadlines because time and time again have we come up against a wall painted with huge letters, ‘good things take time.’ We got the message, we’re taking the time. The book itself is all but complete, the artwork missing just a few pieces. But it will be worth it. When the time comes we can deliver this baby to the world, all the waiting and the deadline-pushing will be worth it. In the meantime, we’re getting back on board with the website, so if you are a writer, reader or general word-lover, keep an eye on it.


And finally, while we’re on the topic of spreading love, I want to thank you all for reading and commenting and emailing me and tweeting me and bringing the bricks and mortar to this little community we have going on. Living in Weiden, I often felt more disconnected than I would have liked and reading your messages was like listening to the wise, supportive words of friends I so sorely needed, over a cup of tea. Back in Sydney, I am still slipping and sliding around, on the verge of booking a ticket back to Germany every five minutes, but you’re still here, commenting and emailing and I cannot tell you how good that makes me feel. So thank you. You are all lovely.


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