Although we only have 23 days left of my least favourite season and Spring is already making herself known with warmer days and pollen, the sky is still Winter. A true Winter sky in Sydney is the crispest, clearest thing. It is like looking at the world through a thin, clean pane of glass, like if you breathe you will fog it up.


Every single day since I have been back, has had a blue sky, if not for the whole day then at least part of it. I missed the unusually long rainy spell we had here and cruised in, just in time for some big, cold, clear skies. It has been a complete novelty. In a German Winter, you can go weeks without seeing the merest hint of blue and that heavy, impenetrable greyness can be unbearable. It drove me crazy.


Not here, though. Here we do blue like we do good coffee and warm Christmases.


And I love that.

Snapped at the beach the other day.