So as of 2.30am, Wednesday morning, I will be in a car, driving to Munich airport, to catch a plane to the island. And then it is two weeks of blue skies, hot sun and salty Aegean waters. And Greek food. Plenty of Greek food.

I may go a little AWOL with words – there is something about being on Santorini that tends to shake my head like a snowball and the glitter never settles, it just swirls and swirls until I eventually switch off and let it. I barely email, I can’t synchronise thoughts into a nice piece of neat narrative. I go into a bubble, so forgive me if I disappear. I don’t want to. I want to give you something every second day not because I am so giving, but because writing a blog every second day is the best way for me, as a writer, to keep things going, to produce work. So I shall try. And if I can’t get words down on paper, then it shall be photos.

This will be my fifth time back to Santorini but only my second as a visitor. The last time I disembarked at the island’s minuscule airport as a holiday-maker was 2007, when I was in the middle of backpacking (without a backpack) around Europe with two of my best mates, the visit that started everything. So I am looking forward to no night shifts that stretch to 5am, to not serving drinks to Australian backpackers who go and vomit them up five minutes later, to not having a timeframe, to not having to count tips, to not having to stop drunk tourists from throwing chairs in pools, to not having to deal with temperamental bosses.

And I am really looking forward to showing my Mum and Dad the island. It will be their first visit and I am trying to conjure up images of my father on a quad bike/donkey which I am almost certain he will manage to fall off. If this happens I will try for video footage.

Ah, what a fortnight it shall be.

To warm you up, here are some key tales and photos from the last two summers:

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