I’m going home soon. And it will be, as the Germans say, with one eye crying and the other laughing. But as time flies and things become ‘the last time for a while’ I can feel the pull of Sydney getting stronger. Perhaps it is being back in Münster, the German city where it all started, saying the first ‘see you next year’ goodbyes. Perhaps it is my cold feet, defiantly bare because it is mid-June and it should be summer. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. But I am really looking forward to …

Australian Pinot Noir.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Good coffee.

The ocean.

Being barefoot.

The sand between my toes.

The birds.

Fresh Thai food.


Good fresh fruit.

The sky.


The sun.

 Of course, within moments of touching down in Sydney, I’ll start missing …