The list currently ends at 78. There have been calls to take it to 100. The entirely unexpected response to What I Know About Germans included 32,000 likes on Facebook (IMAGINE!) mentions on the Facebook pages of Stern and Financial Times Deutschland, a write up in the Tages-Anzeiger and listings on all manner of forums. Loads of comments demanded to know why the list finished at 78 and the people making these comments put forward more things about Germans that they have noticed – things which need to be on that list.

So we have decided there is but one thing to do. Extend the list. Take it to 100. Even better, hand the final 22 over to the people. Next week, all the responses will be collated and then edited by yours truly and the list will be extended and may just become the definitive anthropological document concerning modern Germany. Who knows.

So – Germans and expats living in Germany, what are things you know about Germans? Email me, tweet me, leave it in the comments. If you tweet, use the hash-tag #wikag so we can keep track of everyone’s ideas.

Let’s do this.