With SG’s Mum and her partner in town for the weekend, Friday and Saturday sailed by in a pleasant blur of strolling, coffee, food, wine, the revelation I will not only acquire a pig but call it Günther Pericles, a trip to Flossenbürg* and a touch more food. On Saturday night we took them to our favourite German restaurant in Weiden, the Ratskeller, where the Haxe is huge and crackly and the schnitzel one of the best (perhaps the best) I have eaten in this country. Big call.  I have eaten a lot of schnitzel over the past couple of years. It’s a sport, one I take very seriously.

It was still light after dinner and the walk home yielded some beautiful colours – a pinky grey sky and an almost-full moon hovering within it. Weiden’s Altstadt at sundown is as romantic as it is in full, sun-drenched bloom. The moon was tricky to catch, as usual – it is always so much better to behold with the naked eye. But I tried (and availed myself of a bit of ‘focal point’ editing). And that church you can see had a merry old time this morning, joining in with the church down the road and the myriad other churches within a 5km radius, to ring in Sunday at 7.50am.

Sunday sleep-ins just aren’t a thing here.

Can you see the moon?

* Pictures and words to come.