A desire to have a beer with Adrian Mole, a predilection for P-words when asked to alliterate on the spot and the most useful piece of writing advice I can think of. This is my interview over on O&S Publishing, as we count down to the launch of SFOF.

O&S Publishing


Writer, one half of O&S, editor, honoury German without the innate punctuality and Sincere Form of Flattery‘s sixth author – meet Olivia Hambrett. You can call her Liv.

Describe yourself in three sentences. Each sentence can only contain six words. One of these sentences must contain alliteration.

Prone to being rather nasally sensitive.

Possessed of a truly shocking memory.

Peculiarly prone to preferring particular p-words. (P-words is totally one word, hyphenated. And this is all horribly inaccurate as some of my most hated words in the English language begin with P).

What in God’s name made you want to be a writer?

The intense desire to become intimately acquainted with rejection, instability and uncertainty.

Literary protagonist you would most like to …

Have a beer with: Adrian Mole.

Share a bed with: Zeus. Such repulsive power.

Travel with: Ronald Weasley (originally I had him in my bed, but felt…

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