There are few things quite so enlivening as a ramble. A crisp, cool white wine in the sun, perhaps, something I also partook in yesterday – it is Spring, after all, and Germany has been serving up some seriously balmy temps. But a ramble, with its fresh air and burbling brook (should you be so fortunate as to encounter one, if not, just use your imagination) is one of life’s small, rich and free pleasures, particularly enjoyable in the Spring time. Just ask any character who has ever drawn breath in an Enid Blyton novel.

Weiden and its surrounds, I believe, and as I have been informed by a hiking friend of mine coming to visit me this week, are home to several good hiking trails. This doesn’t surprise me. Weiden is in the middle of nowhere – it has to be surrounded by something, and forest it seems to be. I am not a hiker, so I haven’t sussed out these trails as yet, but I am partial to a sunny stroll that includes water, flowers and a glass of wine at the end.

Yesterday we found a very small path, a burbling brook and a few flowers, daring to poke their heads through cold soil and turn their faces to a more forgiving sun. And afterwards, I had a glass of wine in the sun. Spring is here. Long live Spring.

Weiden has its own beach!

A brave bloom.

A burbling brook.

Pig stream.

More brave blooms.