Just like there are plenty of things from home that I don’t miss – Kyle Sandilands; people for whom a night out in Kings Cross and a photo in the social pages is everything; people for whom a postcode is the ultimate method of self definition; the tremendous self important that exists in the industry I suppose I am part of – there are a lot of things I do miss. My Mum, Kraft Crunchy Peanut Butter, my dog. My perfume collection (I swear to God, if my sister has so much as laid a finger on it) TV, Thai food, readily available, good, cheap sushi. Australian and New Zealand wine. Sydney Harbour. The beach. Our birds – their colour, their song. The sense of endlessness, the space, the knowledge you could drive for hours and not cross a state border. Conversely, the knowledge I could drive for two hours here and be in another country’s stunning capital city, is as exciting.

But most of all, most days, I just miss the sky.