Yesterday was a beautiful day in Münster. Anxious to enjoy the last few days of balmy weather this year has to offer – it is now, after all, officially Autumn – I met my dear friend, the silky-haired Silke, for a ramble around the promenade. We collected Daughter 1 from Kindergarten (which is not, as it is at home, an actual school year, but rather an indoor/outdoor garden for children of pre-school age to run around in, eat in, nap in and scream in) where I was shot by a four year old using a giant, stray puzzle piece as a gun, and continued on our way.

Silke, a veritable Münster encyclopaedia, led the way into the heart of one of the city’s most beautiful neighbourhoods (where, should I be in possession of limitless funds, I’d live in a heartbeat) Kreuzviertl. We had a coffee at the cafe all the locals are in the know about, browsed a second hand book swap shelf on the corner of a street (only in Münster would such a thing exist so honestly and in such perfect condition) and then continued on our way to collect Daughter 2 from Grundschule (primary school). Here I watched three floppy-haired youths with enormous teeth and braying laughs, smack each other with plastic spades. I have little hope for their futures.

And then, this rather perfect day, was made even more perfect by my 4pm student politely requesting we have our class in a cafe on the promenade, as the coffee would be better and the weather was simply too fine to be in a classroom.

As I have learnt, when a German breaks from a plan, one does not question it but rather enjoys the rare spontaneity of the whole thing, I had but one response; shall we?