I leave for the island tomorrow evening and so it is, that I shall likely pen the next ABL post, sweating in a beachside cafe, supping on a sweet frappe caraffe of white wine. Somebody has to do it. I will sweat for you, I will sweat for you all.

This will be my fourth time back on the island and my third time flinging beer and fruity cocktails at burnt tourists, to fund my summer months spent prone on black sand, or whizzing about on a quad bike, then running back to my laptop and writing it all up. I have, therefore, a vague understanding of the sleepy little volcanic island, and the specific type of dramedy it can produce by virtue of its size and gossip adoring inhabitants.

With this in mind, I’d like to ask you what kinds of  stories you’d like to hear. Or, more precisely, what missives you want posted from the island. Do you want to know where to eat and drink or how I wound up sleeping on a roof top with nothing but a beach towel for company? Do you want to be kept abreast of colourful local characters (perhaps a photo and an accompanying, snappy profile) and the cinematic drama that involves them, or the best hidden spots to cliff-jump, sun-bathe and watch the sun set (or rise, depending on your stamina). Or do you want all of it?

I’ve written at length about this place, for numerous publications, this island I pull so much joy and balance and life from. And I am going to continue. Now, I’d like to know what you want to read about.

Please. Tell me.