Often when I talk about fragrance (or fantasise/wax lyrical) I talk about the ideas behind the fragrance as much as I do the actual notes. This is because fragrance is created on an idea and sold alongside that idea. It becomes synonomous with a concept, a story and I – in fact, most of us do – in a way, take a little olfactory trip into that concept with each spray.

Christian Dior’s overwhelmingly sensual Dolce Vita makes no bones about the premise it is based upon. It is the sweet life, bottled. Italy and sunshine, lazy afternoons thick with heat and promise, fruit and flowers with a hint of spice. Dolce Vita is simultaneously sensuous and sunny and like Sophia Loren’s measurements, absolutely not for the faint hearted.

Christian Dior’s sweet life is a warm one and that is perhaps the fragrance’s most delightful quallity. It bursts onto the scene with the heady, floral notes of rose and magnolia. But the fruit notes, spiced with cinammon aren’t far behind and the fragrance seems to ripen with every second it’s on the skin. Giving it roots are vanilla, sandalwood and helitrope, a base that guarantees longevity.

Dolce Vita is best worn with a brightly coloured calico frock (or white swimmers and a straw wedge, up to you) and a glass of something suitably, sweetly decadent. Oily antipasto and fresh ciabatta optional.

Top: rose, magnolia, muguet

Heart: apricot, peach, cinammon

Base: sandalwood, vanilla, heliotrope