Famous for the almost illegally sensual Classique, Jean Paul Gauliter went down a completely different path with 2008’s Ma Dame, which joined my collection at Christmas. I have never actually worn a JPG myself, but I have discerned the scent of Le Male on many a cassanova over the years and recently made friends with the aforementioned Classique – not because it smells good on me, but on two of my differently pigmented pals.

Ma Dame is a deliberate departure for JPG who intended to crack the ‘fresh market’ with it back in 2008. Whilst not solely fresh (it’s far too sweet and bouncy for that) it has a certain fizz to it that is immediately cooling. But then the grenadine kicks in and suddenly you’re breathing in a Shirley Temple with a side of sherbert. The musk and cedar are last to leave the party and are joined by a cute, powdery rose for that extra kick of classic femininity JPG can’t seem to resist.

Ma Dame is everything the colour of the bottle suggests it should be and what the corseted bust says it shouldn’t. It’s a departure for me as well, but then again, everything about the past 7 months has been, so why not continue the theme?