Two months after arriving in Germany, I ran out of perfume. Not completely – my collection at home remains 80+ strong. But my travel collection, consisting of 30ml bottles carefully selected around the concept of a hedonistic, hippie summer, came to dry-bottled end. Dark days ensued. My funds, dwindling as they were, could not be directed at a shiny new bottle of, say, Christian Dior’s Dolce Vita. I was forced to go bare-skinned, which, in and of itself is a specific and often enjoyable fragrance. But I missed the delight of spritzing, of finding the morning’s dash of scent on my scarf, late in the afternoon.

Sweet relief first came in the form of a visiting friend from London, who picked me up a bottle of Calvin Klein’s Truth EDP on her way through duty-free. Passing on my garbled instructions of ‘I like white flowers and citrus, nothing too spicy, something relatively fresh’ to the sales assistant, my dear friend settled on this floral woody number, thereby birthng a brand new fragrance collection. I’ll get to the latter additions later. Let’s start with Truth.

I don’t wear many CK fragrances, although have been known to revel in the various CK One summer editions purely because I am a citrus fiend. What I do recall enjoying about Truth, many moons ago when I worked in fragrance retail, is its interesting mix of freshness and warmth. It’s a deceptively warm, full fragrance, given its abundance of floral notes. On first spray, it’s quite sweet but not in the cake-Britney-lolly kind of way, more in a peony and patchouli meet vanilla type way, but this soon dries down, courtesy of the musks and amber happening in the ‘sensual accord.’ Cooler notes of bamboo and vetiver stop the fragrance from becoming an all out warm woody affair and the EDP has excellent staying power.

Welcome to the fold, Truth.


Lush Accord: Bamboo, patchouli, sapling, vetiver, wet woods, white peony, white clover

Sensual Accord: Acacia flower, vanilla, musk, woods, white amber