1. Gluehwein

Obviously. The delicious spiced Christmas wine, served piping hot in a ceramic mug, is the ultimate in Weihnachtsmarkt fare. You must drink it, clustered around a round table, with loads of other revellers warming their hands around the mug, hopping from one cold foot to the other. Even better if it’s snowing – adds to the authenticity.

2. Schneeballe

These delicious little biscuit-y balls can come smothered in a variety of sweet sauces – chocolate, caramel, nougat – rolled in chocolate and covered in nuts or dusted lightly with sugar and cinammon. Apparently you put them in their paper bag and then dash them against the wall, and it breaks into bite sized pieces.

3. Nuts

Nut stalls abound at Weihnachtsmarkts and the selection is mindboggingly good. All kinds of nuts, all kinds of flavours and all kinds of scents emanating from the warm little stalls. I love the classic sugary almond, but go forth and sample. The Weihnachtsmarkt is your nut oyster.

4. Schokoküsse 

The Schokoküsse is now synonomous with the name Super Dickmann, which also sells conveniently sized mini-Dickmanns if the regular size leads to too intense a sugar shock. Stalls at the Weihnachtmarkt are full of Schokoküsse in every conceivable flavour. Just make sure you don’t leave them until last, when you’re almost full; they’re so sweet, they take serious committment.

5. Pommes mit Mayo

These should be consumed whenever possible, not just at the Weihnachtmarkt, but because they’re so hot and comforting, they’re an excellent way to warm up. Plus, Germans are so very generous with the mayo, which makes all the difference.