* from an Antipodean’s perspective. And when I say Europe, I am, of course, largely referring to the aforementioned city in the North Rhine-Westphalia I currently inhabit …

NB: the list shall, of course, like What I Know About Germans, be updated as inspiration strikes.

– You can buy quite decent wine,  incredibly cheaply. In the supermarket. Yes, friends, you can spend the equivalent of $3.50 on a bottle of red wine and not want to cut out your tongue every time you sip it. You can, actually, spend the equivalent of $3.50 on a bottle of red wine and enjoy it, because it’s quite good. 

– Delicious brie is also cheap.

– You can take your coffee and stroll through a Baroque church garden … or sip it admiring the spire of a Gothic church.

– It takes no time at all, and no great sum of money, to reach another country vastly different from the one you left behind.

– The radio is full of Scandinavian pop.

 – As an Antipodean, you are always a novelty. (When I get around to writing a cons list,  this may very well also feature. Or at least the greater disease that produces the symptom of being a novelty, which is 98% of the world have absolutely no idea what Australia is actually about.)