First published in Onya Magazine


I love a portable fragrance. As someone who lugs around full-sized bottles of perfume (which get heavy, take it from me) a handbag-friendly scent is a winner. So I’d like to kick off proceedings by commending Rituelle for stocking their pretty, affordable lines of fragrances in travel-friendly packaging. Hurrah.

With the full Rituelle range comprising four main collections – Sweet Treats, Garden Party, Scents of Style and Fragrant Journey – there is a veritable feast of scents on offer that won’t bust your budget but won’t disappear three minutes after you’ve sprayed them (an unhappy consequence of so many budget busting scents). It’s a happy union of affordability and quality, with just enough unique combinations to keep things interesting.

I’ve looked at three offerings from the aptly named Sweet Treats collection and my favourite of the Garden Party range. Consequently I’ve spent the morning wishing I was somewhere warm and sunny with a Pimms in hand. This is what happens when one gets caught up in peach blossom and cucumber and green apple and mimosa …

Sorry, onto the fragrances …

Sweet Treats


Peach Blossom

The peachiest of peachy scents this is for the light-hearted amongst us. There’s something slightly nostalgic about it – perhaps because there’s something innocent and childlike about peach and sweet pea (the predominant notes I got out of it). If you like floral print, Spring and tea sets, this is for you.

Notes: peach, honey, sweet pea, mimosa.

Ginger Apple

My favourite of the Sweet Treat bunch, there is just enough ginger in here to stop it from becoming just another saccharine apple inspired number. With the lily keeping it cool, this is a pleasantly sunny, crisp scent that suits pleasantly sunny, crisp days.

Notes: green apple, exotic ginger, lily blossoms.

Cotton Candy

Phwoar. This is sweet, my friends. Reminiscent of Aquolina’s cult Pink Sugar, do not even think about inhaling if you aren’t sweet of tooth. The fusion of toffee and spun sugar is edible with the musk just sitting beneath, keeping it warm and grounded.

Notes: spun sugar, toffee, musk

Garden Party


Cucumber & Linden Blossom Eau de Parfum

So cool, calm and collected it’s practically crunchy, this is for the person wearing white linen (the fabric, not the fragrance) at the garden party and sipping on Pimms and lemonade. The cucumber is fresh, the linden blossom green. White tea in the heart (quite apparent) keeps the fragrance cool, despite the tiniest hint of frangipani-creaminess. A warmer base ensures a lasting scent. A personal favourite.

Notes: Cucumber, Linden Blossom, Frangipani, White Tea, Rose, Amber and Musk