With something like ten days until Departure Day, I am beginning to get just a little bit excited. Being superstitious, I won’t fully relax and allow the excitement to take over until I am on the plane, luggage stowed beneath the seat in front of me, lollies and airport novel tucked into the netting pocket and in-flight entertainment system firing. But as the days go by, I am finding the thrills that start in my toes and shoot up my spine are more frequent, and the urge to leap on a plane, any plane, and just get this show on the road, more pressing.

So to keep said thrills in check (so many things can happen to stop one getting on a plane, it’s best to keep cool headed until one is belted in) I have been looking at travel beauty and wardrobe basics and today shall be looking at the Travel Bag and the Travel Wallet. The bag must be of a certain size, be quite hardy and, ideally, aesthetically pleasant (we all like the feeling of toting a chic carry-on, let’s not lie) and the wallet needs to play safe-house to the most important document you possess whilst abroad; your passport, as well as keep your money safe from sly hands.

So, some suggestions …

Endeavour Tote from the City to Sea Collection

I love this tote, from Australian label With 2ns Designs. It’s stylish, a great colour (especially great when it comes to disguising the ravages of constant travel) and a good size to carry on.  

Chance Tote from the City to Sea Collection

Something slightly smaller, but equally as stylish.

It’s worth noting With2ns Designs is currently having a huge sale with up to 40% off stock. GET IN THERE NOW

Tribu Devon Cabin Bag

Great size for a quick getaway -leave your big bags at your base and hit another city for a day or two with everything you need tucked into this bag. It’s at Ciao Bella Travel.

Corban and Blair Travel Wallet

Great size (and colour) and nice and sturdy for storing passports, tickets, documents and funds. Available at Ciao Bella Travel.