I’m not entirely sure where time is going right now and, like the runt of the litter, whenever I get busy/distracted/delirious, this poor blog is the first to be neglected. Not because I don’t love it with all my maternal heart – in fact, as we speak, I am working on a rather large travel/beauty story just for the little guy – so it’s absolutely not a question of love. Did you hear that Big Life?

I digress.

So, in amongst organising next week’s theme week over at Trespass (it’s all about women, people) and the various other things I fill my days with (making tea, The Daily Mail) I popped out to catch a stupendous show last night at the State Theatre. I have this niggling feeling I really should have known more about Ute Lemper going into the performance – subsequent Googling revealed the breadth of a truly remarkable career – so please, if you are familiar with Ute and her Voice, take my breathy, first-timer ramblings with a grain of salt.

She is, quite simply, excellent. I think I have a crush. I most certainly have the urge to speak in a husky German accent and stage my own cabaret show, which is as good an indication of the show’s quality as anything. You see, every so often you come across singers who truly understand and indeed use the voice as the instrument it is. Lemper is one of them. She knows precisely when to let loose on the big notes and when to rein it in and she holds the (simpering, grinning, giggling) audience in the palm of her capable hand.

Ute Lemper is playing Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide before she jets off to Italy. If you don’t catch her on our fair shores, go to Italy. I’m not kidding.

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