First published in Trespass as ‘Sprizting Sohum’ 15/02/2010


Pink Champagne, Gingersnap and Cotton Flower. Jonquil, Cotton Flower and Tahitian Gardenia. Coconut and White Peach, Sugar Musk and Grenadine and Apple Fig and Vanilla. Breathe it in people. Breathe. It. In.

On a recent jaunt to Melbourne, I was acquainted with Australian label, Sohum who seem to be in the business of concocting the most delightful scented combinations and bestowing them upon all the delightful things in life that can be scented; candles, moisturizers, soaps and scrubs. And beyond such delicacies, Sohum have captured these borderline fantastical scents in eau de toilette, solid perfume balms and roll-ons.

I spritzed my way around the entire store with Miss Sandi Tighello and eventually settled on a 50ml of Cotton Flower, a fresh, dry blend of white lilies, camellia leaf, heliotrope, pink pepper, lilac and carnations. Yes, I only bought the one, although I was sorely tempted to splash out on Limequat (Baby Pineapple, Grapefruit, Coconut Creme, Sicilian Lime, Clementine, White Vodka) and Jonquil (Iris, White Freesias, Hyacinth, Star Jasmine, Wisteria). And you know that every time I spray Cotton Flower, I will close my eyes and pretend I’m on a yacht in the Mediterranean somewhere, wearing white linen.

If you ever do find yourself with a lazy spare day in Melbourne’s Dandenongs, stop over in Sassafrass and spend some time in the Sohum store. There’s something about the location that makes skipping about the store that much more enjoyable. If such a trip isn’t on the agenda, do not despair. Vanilla Bourbon eau de toilette roll-on is still within reach online.

Happy sprizting.

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