Some of my favourite fragrances are mens and I wear them regularly. Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men is a stalwart winter scent for me, warm and spicy and perfect with a scarf and beanie. Kenneth Cole’s Reaction for Men is a summer staple – it’s strong and fruity and clean. I also have in my possession Versace’s tricky-to-find Versus for men (a point of personal pride) and two of my absolute all time favourites have to be Man Aubusson by Aubusson and Alessandro dell’ Acqua’s Man. In fact I am now giddy having been reminded I have a full, unopened bottle of Man Aubusson in the bathroom cupboard, waiting for me to step into its arms.

So, a clear love of male fragrances revealed, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a new addition to my brother’s (enabled by me) collection, Givenchy’s Very Irresistable Summer Sorbet Limited Edition. Hello boys. I love it. I want it . I may steal it – an admission I’m happy to make because I am almost certain said brother has no interest in this blog.

Sweet, green and fizzy, Summer Sorbet strikes a good balance between masculine and young – and that is not to say it’s reserved for the young, it is instead to say wearing this scent will make you feel young. It’s light and carefree, with notes of mint, basil, grapefruit and a base containing cedar which halts the fruit-factor and anchors the fragrance nicely. Sweet, manly and a summer sensation.