With the end of the year being nigh, and 2009 having been such a … challenge … of a year, all manner of lists are coming out of the wood-work. As a list lover, I cannot lie, I enjoy partaking. It clears my tiny head and reminds me of what has been and what’s to come. That I need reminding at the tender age of 24 is a bad sign for my memory, but what can you do.

Over at Trespass, we’ve asked some of our writers and editors, of which I am one, to share the top 5 moments that shaped their 2009. Mine are below and, because I’m now on a list high, I shall soon collate my favourite things of 2009.

But for now … (oh, hyperlinks are to articlesI’ve written on the topic)

Jade Goody’s Death

It has been a big year for celebrity deaths – to sound somewhat morbid – but no death fascinated me quite so much as that of UK reality television star, Jade Goody. Perhaps it was because reality television had not yet reached death, and the documentation of Goody’s final days was a first – or perhaps because it showed comprehensively, how poorly we deal with the concept of our own mortality … whatever it was, I was fascinated.

The NRL Group Sex Revelation/s

The bottom fell out of one of our country’s most loved games and it was, even according to the sport’s biggest proponents, a long time coming. For me, it wasn’t the actual karmic explosion that made the story, it was the nation’s response in the aftermath – to the issue of rape, what constitutes consensual sex, the responsibilities of well paid, high profile athletes and the inevitable gender discussions that played into every facet of the storm.

Black Saturday

I was driving around the South Island of New Zealand with a friend when the Victorian bushfires first took hold. With our car’s radio going in and out of reception, we heard about the devastation in bits and pieces from strangers as we lobbed into little towns. It was a strange and quite emotional way to engage with one of the biggest national tragedies in recent memory, and we felt simultaneously distant and close to our country and its people.

The General ‘High Profile Deaths’ Rate of Occurrence

Michael Jackson, Natasha Richardson, Adam Goldstein, Brittany Murphy, Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite, Dominick Dunne, David Carradine, Bea Arthur, Stephen Gately, Charles Tingwell, Ted Kennedy, Eunice Shriver, Lucy Gordon …

You know, as soon as Natasha Richardson died in that freak skiing accident in March, I began babbling on to anyone who would listen that 2009 would be a year of notable deaths. And lo and behold, as the year went on, we said goodbye to popstars and politicians, models and athletes, actors and writers. Some expected, some so completely not so, it brought the world to its knees.

Iran Elections

In June this year, the youth of Iran, disenchanted by their new leader and suspicious of the means by which he was reelected, took to the streets in the millions to peacefully protest what they believed to be rigged elections. The police crackdown and brutality that ensued, captivated global attention as the Iranian people begged the world to see their passion and desire for democratic ideals and freedom.

Notable Mentions … cheating I know so shhhhhh

Body ImageKarl Lagerfeld, the issue of airbrushing … it seems the world finally woke up to the fictional ideal and representation of beauty in mainstream media this year, and the discussions were brilliant.

Perez Getting Smacked – what goes around comes around and few comeuppances were more fitting than poor old Perez’s

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