For the final installment of the One Seed reviews, I’m looking at Courage. I can’t remember the movie it’s from, but I can see the actor in my head saying ‘I’m a lookin’ and I’m a likin’.’ If someone would care to refresh my memory via the comment box, the details of this cinematic reference, I would be most appreciative. Anyway, moral of the story is, I am liking Courage. A lot. It’s the boldest of the three, which I suppose makes perfect sense, given the name, and to my nose, the most sensual. I’d hazard a guess the sensuality springs from the layering of ylang ylang and magnolia upon vanilla and amber (doesn’t get much more silky sheets and tousled hair than that combination).

The sweet orange in the top note and jasmine in the heart, keeps things playful and young and not just a little juicy and the rosewood that joins the vanilla and amber in the base lends a nice, different type of warmth to the amber.

This is the kind of perfume you spritz when you’re feeling bright eyed and fearless. Its cute little jellybean-esque opening (courtesy of the sweet orange) lasts just long enough to pull you headfirst into a rich, floral oriental olfactory experience. Use with gay abandon, Lords knows the world needs more courage, but be warned; you might be jumping out of planes or writing marriage proposals in the sky before you know it.

 RRP $82 for 50ml


Top notes: sweet orange, magnolia

Heart notes: ylang ylang, jasmine

Base notes: rosewood, vanilla, amber

Ingredients : natural ethanol (from sugar cane), proprietary blend of fragrant botanical extracts, tincture of benzoin

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–  The One Seed fragrance range is available online at the terrific Bare Naked Beauty