We’ve talked about Freedom (scroll down my fragrant friends)  now it’s time to talk about Hope. Hope 2010 will be better than 2009, hope the summer will be a long and warm one, hope we have a good representation in the Australian Open next January. To me, Hope smells bright and fresh, like fresh lemon and long, hot afternoons. It smells damn good.

To One Seed, Hope is a soft, citrus rich scent, with a warm sandalwood base and the merest hint of lavender to keep things pretty. It opens with a burst of sunshine – bergamot and lime – before a beautifully full middle note of cedarwood, lavender and vanilla develops. The top note clings for a while mingling with the cedarwood and the lavender of the heart, and then the Australian sandalwood kicks in, with the oakmoss and musk ambrette, softening the otherwise quite zesty fragrance.

If you like your fragrance with bite, then Hope is for you. Its top citrus notes never quite fade (big plus) and the wood combination keep it strong and clean. Perfect for long, warm afternoons with a Cointreau and lemonade.

RRP $82 for 50ml


Top notes: bergamot, lime
Heart notes: cedarwood, lavender, vanilla
Base notes
: Australian sandalwood, oakmoss, musk ambrette

Ingredients : natural ethanol (from sugar cane), proprietary blend of fragrant botanical extracts, tincture of benzoin

– A review of the final One Seed fragrance, Courage, will be up soon –