Well I did it. I adopted a baby. His name is Dodo and he’s beautiful. Yes my friends, I am a mother. I have entered the realm of Angelina, I need only add five more to my collection and approach the UN about becoming an ambassador – the transformation will then be complete.

Back to Dodo. He’s a Bornean Orangutan who needs my help to develop the skills necessary to reintroduce him into the wild when the time is right.

I was put onto Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) by my mother, a passionate greenie, green thumb and all round wildlife and environment crusader. The Sumatran orangutan is critically endangered and the Borneo orangutan is endangered, their survival threatened by loss of habitat, poaching and the illegal pet trade.

The way I see it is this; if I can spend money on homewares for my friend’s impending wedding, splash out on a graduation-gift for myself and drop money on a Saturday night dinner, then I can do my part to support these beautiful little friends of ours. Wildlife is too often overlooked – our very own koalas are facing a bleak future – for purely human afflictions. There is only one reason these guys are facing extinction and that reason is us.

It’s the tiniest thing ( here is where I get suitably ‘rainbow family’ smug) donating a fragment of my life’s income to the wellbeing of one baby orangutan, but it’s something. And I’d rather help Dodo than the kitchens of my very fortunate friends.

More reading on the illegal pet trade, poaching and loss of habitat.