freedom_largeLet’s talk about Freedom, for no other reason than summer is in the air and bindis are beneath our feet and that makes me feel pretty free.

Botanical perfumes can be tricky. By virtue of the fact they use natural ingredients and essential oils, if made poorly, the perfumes can be too heady, too overpowering. My biggest problem with natural fragrances is finding ones that don’t give me a headache.

I came across Australian company, One Seed through the wonderful (and much loved) online retailer, Bare Naked Beauty. One Seed’s philosophy is simple …

We don’t want to be just another perfume company.

We want to be a seed for change.

We believe that the perfect beauty of nature need not be corrupted by synthetic interference.

And that beauty is defined by knowing who you are, and being able to see beauty around you.

So care more deeply. Share more of yourself. Live inspired. Make a difference.

So, to Freedom. Pink grapefruit and magnolia, musk ambrette and black pepper. This is a flighty and romantic fragrance that swells with rose almost from the first spray. The black pepper and the crisp grapefruit make it interesting and keep it from being simply another powdery rose based floral which it otherwise might dry down to. The sandalwood, vanilla and musk base ensures Freedom warms beautifully on the skin and develops after the top notes have faded (usually happens about fifteen minutes into wearing a fragrance). In fact, I’d go so far as to say the base notes and spice from the pepper go against the perfume’s family (green floral) – that’s not a bad thing, but just a little warning to those after a seriously fresh green floral, this one might be a touch warm. Category semantics aside, this is a jewel of a fragrance, at once young and old fashioned, warm and sweet. It is, as its name suggest, a scent of possibility and a beautifully crafted one at that.

RRP $82 for a 50ml


Top notes: pink grapefruit, palmarosa
Heart notes: magnolia, rose, black pepper
Base notes: sandalwood, musk ambrette, vanilla, rosewood

Ingredients: natural ethanol (from sugar cane), proprietary blend of fragrant botanical extracts, tincture of benzoin

– I will be reviewing the other two scents in One Seed’s stable, Courage and Hope very soon, hurrah. –